“When one is really ‘in’ it, mindfulness is floating in an extraordinary 3D spaciousness of colour, sound, movement and sensation that feels perfectly right, as is. I let go of ‘me’ as separate, and am immersed and intimately connected with the space around me, and everything in that space. I somehow experience it all as ‘me’. Perfect as is.

When I am immersed in spacious awareness my experience is rich, spacious, poignant, full of moment-by-moment meaning, vibrant, shimmering, alive.”

From What Is Mindfulness



on love & compassion

Love Is Listening what is it to be loving in this moment

the path to awakening

What is Mindfulness what it feels like and what happens next

Emotions What to do with them in opening

Difficulties Along The Way When it feels like a battle to awaken.

A short History of Mindfulness Very short….

My journey to open A bit of my early story of how I opened

What opening showed me Some of the things I saw once I opened

on the human condition

The Subconscious Mind The arena of opening

Rules ethics & morals in the light of compassion

Loneliness – The walls That Seperate Us so ephemeral yet so impactful.. the walls…


Putting Our Emotions into Another Person Can we?

Being  a friend what is it to care for someone in the moment

Someone listened and the profound effect it had on me.

on therapy

My life as a.. A recent past life memory of me as an animal

focusing without this i would never have opened

on movement  and touch

Waking up through movement What i did that blew me open, with amazing results

on life after awakening

What If… everything really is OK…

Spacious Awareness and our mind A short comparison, no contest!

I’m still a mess drilling for the core, cos you can’t go around emotions.

the dark side

The Dark History of Mindfulness Some scurrilous folks, past and recent.

Why USA Zen teachers colluded With Abuse for 40 Years a modern tale of scared kids dressed up as spiritual teachers.

A history of child abuse not for the faint hearted

other people’s writing

The desire to merge..  beautiful poetic exploring of our journey to oneness

The little prince the first page, that explains that what’s important cannot be seen with the eyes..

Please Call me By My true Names An amazing poem of oneness by Thich Nhat Hanh

Hsin Hsin Ming – Verses on The Faith Mind by the 6th Zen Patriarch. spacy…