It seems to me that the life game is about the desire to merge.

The me then and the me now
The me over there and the me over here
The fabricated me and the real me
My body and my mind
You over there and me over here
Your heart and mine

The desire to merge is highly seductive. And the cause of suffering because they are separate by definition. I keep coming back to you because of that feeling of connection. And because of the suffering when I am not. I know that the answer isn’t one of dependency but an accumulation of many small contractions and letting go’s.

dysfunctional guru

It’s a game full of irony. And sadness and laughter. You said that it amazes you how close sadness and bliss lie together, how one flows into one another effortlessly. One moment floods of tears, the next moment the best feeling ever. A smile and a tear. Gibran didn’t want to be without one or the other. Separate yet together. Two sides of the same coin.

You said that the answer is that it is all allowed. And that we’re allowed plenty of time (feels very comforting when you say that). Thinking of a song ‘welcome to wherever you are…you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be’.

I am thinking that perhaps the separation is only there because we create it. Life’s game. The irony. We are separate because we are trying so hard not to be. The answer being one of perspective rather than one of doing. Then the practice is to see clearly. Drilling down into the pyramid. Creating a space and letting go into that space. Until you come out the other end (and by the sounds of it then there is another one; may as well try and enjoy the drilling as it’ll be a long haul…the irony of it huh?)