I’ve been sitting in open eyed awareness for 30 years. I’ve cried out so much childhood pain.

I have surrendered countless times into humiliation. I have been broken over & over.

Let me try & describe what all this eventually led me to….


I sit for a while, with legs crossed, back straight & relaxed, eyes open.

My body gradually settles, my thoughts gradually slow, stress & anxiety dissolve

My conscious changes to something simple yet simply incredible..

The spacious awareness…

Like moving from being under heavy clouds, a sharp wind, feeling cold to my bones

To summer sunshine, so relaxing, me basking in the wonderful warmth


The mind I call me is like a small tight sharp beak pecking at me constantly

The spacious mind I soften into is open, at ease, allowing.

The small tight mind is always swinging into and out of worry, fear, insufficiency

The spacious mind washes me in sparkles of light, perfection

In the small tight mind I feel separate, alone, in a scary world

In the spacious awareness I am home, intimately connected to the world around me.


The spacious awareness for me is totally worth the long arduous journey to be here


Where do you want to be?

real mindfulness