Rules, ethics, Morals and Mindfulness

The practice of non-attachment to views is at the heart of the Buddhist practice of meditation. People suffer because they are caught in their views. As soon as we release those views, we are free and we don’t suffer anymore.“ Tich Nhat Hanh

With ethics and rules it isn’t to argue to find the right answer, but to examine the mind that is arguing.

Mindfulness, the path of finding the “unconditioned”, the “unconditional”, is not about good & bad, making rules, holding a position, judging behaviour. It is about letting go of holding on to any mental position.

Rules As we become more mindful we see our mind working hard to keep our subconscious emotional world hidden. What exactly is it this mind activity? It is control, rules, judgment, logic, morals, ethics, etc etc. It is a revelation when we realise that to us & our conscious mind all these controls are so important. We are terrified to let go of this control, these rules.

We also begin to see that the Mind’s controlling, judging nature is not kind, is not loving. No matter how ‘just’ the mind seems, what it is really doing is cruelly locking the inner child parts of me away, throwing away the key and pretending they don’t exist.

Seeing the cruel heartless nature of our mind encourages us to be kinder & open to parts of us locked inside. To reconnect with ourselves.

What do I find when all the rules are torn asunder & the deepest part of hidden ‘me’ is opened into?

I find the place we have all been looking for all along.

The unconditioned. The unconditional. Who we really are. Home.

An I realise I have been in compassion class.

So let’s talk less about rules and more about compassion.


There is no authority. Just one person’s mind against another.

Look at them fall on their moral swords.
As they blame others.
No clear seeing there.
Just confusion and pain.

Compassion is not tied to to morals.
It is beyond conditions, beyond morals.
To pretend otherwise is to be caught in duality.

The unconditioned is who we really are.