“The view from my zafu shows that we all have a wall between ourselves and others. This wall defines us. The various forms of training help show the delusive nature of this wall. My job requires little else than doing that which does not support this wall. Everything that allows the wall to stand creates suffering. To not support this wall is my definition of a reconciliation that is not hindered by identity, expectation or even the need for a one on one exchange and yet helps everyone.

37 years of slogging and I’m still stuck in the same class of Zazen.”                                       Howard

So what are these walls between me and you? What is it that keeps us apart, separate, walled off from each other? That lead us to loneliness and disconnect.

And why are these walls here?

One really cool thing is to stop and just be with the walls a bit, to listen to them, to ask them why they are here. The answer might surprise you. The wall answering you at all might surprise you.

If you listen right, they will answer.